Procuring gas and electricity in the ever-changing energy marketplace is a complex task and buyers face many challenges. Knowing when to procure is one of the most important factors to ensure you secure the most competitive rates, and yet it is difficult for those outside of the industry to know exactly when this is.

Our real-time market intelligence allows us to track the market on a daily basis. This enables you to make informed decisions on when to purchase your energy to gain the advantage in, what is often, a volatile market.

We offer fixed price and flexible price purchasing options and a consultation with one of our Procurement specialists will enable you to decide which is the right choice for you. We look at each client on an individual basis and a buying strategy can be formulated accordingly, with a risk management plan a fundamental part of this process.

We have first-tier relations with all of the main UK utility suppliers, which allows us to be totally independent and impartial. This, together with the leverage we gain through group buying and our rigorous procurement processes, ensures you secure competitive utility contracts.

Your Relationship manager will act as the conduit between you and the supplier, managing your account for the duration of the contract. We will also explore further ways we can help reduce costs.

Fixed or Flexible, which to choose?

Fixed price contracts give you peace of mind and confidence in your budget projections, provided actual consumption remains within contracted levels. They are also less administratively demanding and suitable for businesses who are risk averse and require stability. Despite this, fixed price contracts still carry an associated risk, derived from the timing of purchasing decisions and volatile market prices. A strategic approach is therefore still a necessity.

Unlike a traditional fixed type arrangement which offers clear forward cost forecasting for each month, Flexible price contracts allow you more freedom to take advantage of favourable movements in the market. So whilst your monthly costs are not as certain, you can fully benefit from any low spot market prices. By purchasing gas and electricity on a timely basis throughout the term of an energy contract, you can take advantage of wholesale price movements and spread your risk.

Flexible procurement is a complex buying process and the Procurement team at SB Energy invests time with you to explain the associated benefits and risks, and provide the necessary support so you can make informed decisions. Central to this is the development of an Energy Risk Management Strategy, or ERMS. This defines the framework and parameters to ensure you have full control and confidence over your procurement strategy.

Historically, Flexible price purchasing plans have outperformed Fixed price plans and more and more of our clients are opting for this approach.