When energy consumption is high and a considerable overhead to your business, effective procurement alone may not afford you the full savings available.

The Carbon Trust, until quite recently, offered free consultations and reports to help businesses reduce their Carbon Footprint. Currently, however, the government no longer provide funding for this initiative, so more and more businesses are calling on consultancies like us.

SB Energy will conduct a comprehensive site survey of your premises and submit a report to outline our findings, highlighting inefficiencies and recommending solutions to improve energy performance. Before carrying out the survey we will establish how in depth you want the report to be. We will also carry out preliminary exploration remotely before we visit your facilities.

The report and the recommendations within it will enable you to better understand where, and how your energy is being consumed, or in many cases wasted. They are designed to help your facilities become more energy efficient, reducing your Carbon Footprint, and in turn your energy spend. They outline how you can achieve this, by making, what are sometimes very small changes. These changes are often no-cost and low-cost initiatives.