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If you are looking for tips to reduce energy consumption in your home a quick search on the internet will provide you with an abundance of information you are looking for. Unfortunately the same cannot always be said about good energy efficiency advice for those running small businesses. SMEs are often overlooked with it comes to reducing energy costs and improving efficiency, so it is a positive step that the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has produced an 82 page guide targeted specifically at small businesses owners.

The guide states that the average small business could reduce its energy spend by as much as 25% through implementing simple  energy efficiency measures. Furthermore, this figure only includes the efficiency measures with an average payback period of 1.5 year, meaning that much bigger savings could be had by those who invest on longer term measures.

No and low cost initiatives can often deliver the best results, creating behavioural change within an organisation for example can be very effective yet doesn’t it cost anything. SB Energy have a particularly good record of doing this within schools to deliver significant savings.

According to the guide, roughly a third of small business owners believe the cost of energy to be a hindrance to the success and growth of their businesses – meaning that there is much more than just money to be saved by reducing energy expenditure.

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